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Class LIst & Descriptions

Chair Aerobics

Aerobics have never been better than this! Get your heart rate up, strengthen muscles and build stamina all while sitting in a chair.

All the exercise benefits and low impact! You will not be disappointed with this class. Don't let the name fool you!

Deep Water

Deep Water is a challenging high intensity workout in the deep end of the pool, combining cardio, muscle conditioning and resistance training. Methods of interval training, pyramids and more are used to create fun and effective workouts using non-impact movement.

This class is perfect for beginners as well as experienced water exercise enthusiasts!

Gentle Yoga

Designed to open and strengthen with common yoga poses. Focuses on the breath and moving mindfully. There is focus on alignment and body awareness.

Participants can expect to lay on their back and stomach, sit cross legged on the floor and stand up on the mat a few times in this class.

The class can be modified for all fitness levels.


Mental exercises designed to create new neutral pathways in the brain by using the senses in unconventional ways.



A barbell conditioning class for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit!

This class uses light to moderate weights to sculpt all major muscle groups.


An ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises that can be done sitting in a chair or standing.

It is an 18-movement course that will be divided up into sessions of learning while sitting then standing.

This class is very easy on the joint. Start to feel calmer and experience significant health improvement after just a few weeks.

Senior Step

30 minutes of step aerobics followed by 30 minutes of light weight training, this class will surely get your heart pumping and muscles working!

Low impact, designed for all levels.

Strength & Balance

This class was designed with the expertise of our physical therapists and our wellness instructors to be beneficial and manageable no matter what exercise level you are on. It will help strengthen your arms, legs, and core, while challenging your balance. Both seated and standing exercise options are given throughout the class so you can do whatever fits your comfort level.

The Grind

The Grind is an environment where you have the opportunity to become a better version of yourself. Here, the only competition is yourself.

In this class, we do a mixed modal training that consists of different high intensity workouts that include strength, endurance, and cardiovascular training.

Whether you're looking to get started in the workout scene or advance in your training, this class is suitable to anyone of any age, and will push you as far as you are willing to go.

Total Body Burn

This class is designed to help shed fat while building strength and endurance. The circuit training class includes cardio exercises, bodyweight exercises and finished with core training and a cool down for a complete workout.

Water Aerobics

This shallow water workout improves cardiovascular fitness for all skill levels.

Class begins with a stretch/warm up followed by 45 minutes of sustained cardio movement and ending with a cool down and final stretch.

Lunch Crunch

A fun, high intensity circuit training class designed for all fitness levels. This calorie-burning workout will challenge every muscle in your body with a mix of cardio and strength exercises. Workouts are not longer than about 30 minutes plus a warm up and cool down.

Power Up w/ Weights

This class is a variety of total body conditioning that involves both strength and cardio exercise. Designed to change each week to target all major muscle groups in a variety of ways. We utilize the mix of free weights, resistance bands, med balls, weighted bars and steps. It is suited for a beginner to a fitness fanatic as you set your own bar of how hard you want to push. Get your day started right by POWERING UP with us!

Power Hour

A full body workout designed to build muscle and increase cardiovascular endurance all while having fun!

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga allows you to perform yoga poses while seated or standing using a chair as a prop for balance and alignment. You can do poses such as warrior, tree pose, downward dog, and many others. This class will help to improve your posture, strengthen your shoulders, relieve neck pain and lubricate your joints all while increasing your upper body flexibility. 


This is a challenging low impact exercise class that balances strength and mobility, aligns the body, fine tunes movement patterns, and strengthens the deeper muscles of the core. This class places emphasis on breathing techniques and mindful thinking that can help reduce stress and anxiety, enhance concentration, and even improve sleeping habits. We will be adding resistance bands, balls and small weights to our movements for additional benefits.