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Pelvic Health Rehabilitation

Pelvic Health pain and dysfunction can be common, but you don't have to live with it any longer. Our MTS Pelvic Health Team is ready and capable of evaluating, assessing and treating your pelvic floor today.

What is Pelvic Health Rehabilitation


what can you expect?

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation is defined as a non-surgical approach to treat conditions of the low back and pelvis musculoskeletal system, externally and internally, that can contribute to bowl, bladder and sexual health as well as many different types of pain complaints.

"Normal" Physical Therapy Evaluation

The Physical Therapist performs a "normal" physical therapy evaluation in a private space where you can discuss your chief complaints and medical history. Questions will then be asked pertaining to bowel/bladder habits, sexual function and pelvic floor activities/limitations.

External & Internal Assessment

With the patient's consent, the Physical Therapist performs an external and internal assessment of the pelvic floor muscles.

Personalized care

Once the Initial Evaluation is completed, an individualized plan of care is made while keeping the patient's goals in mind.


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