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MTS Virtual Wellness is off to a great start!  MTS is keeping people active through the Quarantine! 

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How to use MTS Virtual Wellness Class Service?

Download the MTS App today to plan and schedule your classes!

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How do I download the MTS Virtual Wellness App?

Continue your wellness journey with us by using our MTS Virtual Wellness app for access to many of classes in the comfort of your home.

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How do I sign up via MTS Virtual Wellness App?

1- Download and install the app on your smartphone (available for iOS and Android).

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2- Navigate through the application and browse for classes available and class schedules.
If you are looking to participate from home, virtually, look specifically for the classes labeled "Virtual".
Classes that are not labeled are offered in person at our facilities.

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3- Book the class you are interested in taking.

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4- You will receive an email 30 minutes prior to the class scheduled with a link to access the class via live stream video.

How do I sign up via MTS Virtual Online?

1- View our Virtual Class Schedule any time via our Mind Body online platform.

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2- Sign-in or create a user account.

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3- Navigate through the page and browse for classes available and class schedules.

MTS Virtual - Mind Body Browse Classes

4- Book the class you are interested in taking.

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5- You will receive an email 30 minutes prior to the class scheduled with a link to access the class via live stream video.

Membership Pricing

MTS Virtual Membership

20 + Live Classes offered Virtually
Classes designed for Beginners to Advanced, all ages.
Classes offered from 5am - 5pm.

24/7 Access to MTS Wellness on Demand
With your Virtual Membership, Classes will be available for you to access at your convenience.

$23.99 /mo

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Classes Offered

The Grind is an environment where you have the opportunity to become a better version of yourself.

Here, the only competition is yourself. In this class, we do a mixed modal training that consists of different high-intensity workouts that include strength, endurance, and cardiovascular training.

Whether you’re looking to get started in the workout scene or advance in your training, this class is suitable for anyone of any age and will push you as far as you are willing to go.

Welcome to THE GRIND!

Rev, short for Revolution stands for an instance of revolving. Just as the bike spins and revolves in a circle, so the goal is the same for you in this class to revolve into a better version of yourself!

Start your day off right with this high-energy class. Head out on a journey without leaving the Spin room as you tackle rolling hills, fast flats, sprints, and interval training to give you a great workout.

Come find the inspiration you’ve been looking for to help you achieve your personal goals!

This class is for beginners as well as seasoned cyclists!

Designed to open and strengthen with common yoga poses. Focuses on the breath and moving mindfully. There is a focus on alignment and body awareness.

Participants can expect to lay on their back and stomach, sit cross-legged on the floor, and stand up on the mat a few times in this class.

The class can be modified for all fitness levels

30 minutes of step aerobics followed by 30 minutes of lightweight training, this class will surely get your heart pumping and muscles working!

Low impact, designed for all levels

Designed with a physical therapy background, this class will help strengthen your entire body (arms, legs, and core) while challenging your balance.

Seated and standing exercises, designed for all skill levels

A fun, high-intensity circuit training class designed for all fitness levels.

This calorie-burning workout will challenge every muscle in your body with a mix of cardio and strength exercises.

Workouts are no longer than about 30 minutes plus a warm-up and cool down.

Circuit training class that incorporates cardio and strength training exercises.

We use both body weight and light hand weights to build muscle strength and endurance. Can be modified for all levels of fitness

A well balanced and challenging flow-based asana practice with an emphasis on sequencing to the connection of poses.

This class is meant to build strength and endurance, you will sweat.

Suitable for intermediate and advanced students

An ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing, and movement exercises that can be done sitting in a chair or standing.

It is an 18-movement course that will be divided up into sessions of learning while sitting than standing.

This class is very easy on the joints.

Start to feel calmer and experience significant health improvements after just a few weeks!

Mental exercises designed to create new neural pathways in the brain by using the senses in unconventional ways

A barbell conditioning class for anyone looking to get lean, toned, and fit!

This classes uses light to moderate weights to sculpt all major muscle groups.

Intermediate/advanced class in Pilates. Challenging the body to work in a safe position.

This class will give you a challenge all while giving you an understanding of neutral spine

Zydefit brings participants right into a Louisiana dance party that everyone can enjoy!

Low impact, all levels are welcome. Get ready to pass a good time, sha!

Aerobics have never been better than this! Get your heart rate up, strengthen muscles and build stamina all while sitting in a chair.

All the exercise benefits and low impact!

You will not be disappointed with this class. Don’t let the name fool you!

Balance is an important part of life. Balance helps prevent falls, establish confidence, and live a better lifestyle.

In this class, we challenge our balance skills as well as strengthening all the muscles needed to maintain balance such as hips, upper/lower leg, and core.

Starting with the principals in Pilates. You will start by learning the basics and then challenge the body in a safe position to work in.

All things learned in this class are awesome platforms for daily life

This shallow water workout improves cardiovascular fitness for all skill levels.

Class begins with a stretch/ warm up followed by 45 minutes of sustained cardio movement and ending with a cool down and final stretch.

First half of class is Yin-working the deep tissues of the body. Poses are reclining and sitting, a great way to become aware of the named poses (Asana).

Each pose is held for about 3-5 minutes. The second half of the class is a focus on the muscles of the earth.

Using breath to move into different body parts, a component of this being balance. (1 hour)