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Clinic visits right from your home

Our safe alternative to in-clinic visits to keep an open line of communication with our patients ensuring they receive the care they deserve, anywhere.

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What is Telehealth and what can you expect?

Telehealth is defined as an asynchronous text or video exchange or a synchronous audio or video appointment between a licensed provider and a patient through a HIPAA compliant software.

Social Distancing

Patients to receive quality care from the comfort of their home while practicing social distancing efforts during this unprecedented time

Delivery Alternative

Telehealth is not a "type" of physical therapy, but is simply the delivery method of care.

Personalized care

This care will continue to be a personalized version of care based upon each patient's individualized needs. 

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We are happy to walk you through this over the phone and have a video to show you what your virtual visit as a patient will look like.

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