Job Description

Physical Therapist


The Physical Therapist conducts physical therapy evaluations and prescribes physical therapy programs to assist patient participation in tasks to restore, reinforce and enhance physical performance and facilitate learning of skills essential to return to prior level of function.

The Physical Therapist (PT) is responsible for working with other health professionals in achieving goals related to meeting the individual's maximum functional abilities following a life-altering illness or disability.


  1. Under the direction of a licensed physician, the therapist develops and implements patient treatment consistent with the objectives of the interdisciplinary treatment plan by performing comprehensive assessments, establishing realistic and measurable short and long term goals, and initiating appropriate actions based upon evaluation findings.

  2. The therapist implements appropriate treatment techniques to maximize patient function, promote healing and adjustment of disability. Treatment techniques include but are not limited to exercises, heat, water, light, electricity, massage, joint mobilization, gait and functional training, wound dressing, sharp debridement, use of orthopedic and prosthetic devices.

  3. Adapts conventional therapy techniques to meet the needs of patient. Adaptations are based on the patients’ and families’ physical and cognitive capabilities, intelligence level, interests, and discharge plans.

  4. Provides patient care in a safe and therapeutic environment by maintaining the privacy of the patients and families.

  5. Provides education to the patients and family members from admission to discharge by providing individualized instructions to maximize function.

  6. In a timely manner, documents patients’ evaluation progress, interim assessments, and discharge summaries  with updated goals. Updates, modifies, and prioritizes goals based on evaluations and re-evaluation of  findings.

  7. Independently plans and arranges for patient discharges through communication with the interdisciplinary team; discharges patients with appropriated home programs, durable medical equipment, and referrals to other health care professionals.

  8. Demonstrates competency and knowledge of current standards of practice within the profession.

  9. Recognizes limitations and makes appropriate referrals to other therapists or health care professional.

  10. Performs administrative duties such as scheduling of patients, charges, and patient documentation in an accurate and timely manner.

  11. Participates in staff and intern orientation/training.

  12. Engages in continuous quality improvement activities to evaluate compliance to standards, policies and procedures, and identifies strategies to improve patient care


  1. Graduate from an accredited physical therapy program.

  2. Licensed as a physical therapist in the State of Louisiana or ability to obtain state license.

  3. CPR Certification required 30 days from hire date.


  • Computer

  • Various


  • Medium Work as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor constitutes a maximum lift of 21-50 pounds on occasion and/or a maximum lift of 11-25 pounds on a frequent basis

  • May be required to assist in the turning, lifting, or moving patients as well as walking about from patients’ rooms, as well as to and from various hospital areas.


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