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Everything You Need To Know About Treatment Of Sports-Related Concussions

February 5, 2020

Treatment Of Sports-Related Concussions | MTS Physical Therapy & Wellness

Despite the focus on improving safety, technology, and rewriting rules that concentrate on mitigating common injuries, concussions continue to be a serious epidemic in youth and competitive sports. Keep reading to see how physical therapy can play a critical role in evaluating and treating the onset of concussions.

What are concussions?

Concussions are defined as a traumatic brain injury induced by biomechanical forces.

Other common features also include a direct blow or impulsive force, rapid onset of short-lived impairment of neurological function that resolves spontaneously, or acute signs and symptoms that largely reflect functional disturbance rather than structural injury.

How are concussions normally diagnosed and treated?

A multimodal and multidisciplinary approach must be implemented to optimally assess signs and symptoms, cognition, balance, and vestibular function in patients where concussion is suspected.

Patients with persistent symptoms (>10 days) may benefit from a multidisciplinary rehabilitation approach, including cognitive, vestibular, physical, and psychological therapy along with commencement of a graded exercise program below a symptom threshold.

What role do Physical Therapists play in treating sports-related concussions?

Physical therapists are educated and trained on evaluating the extent and degree of that patient's concussive symptoms.

They use their skill set and experience to ascertain what concussion trajectories could be the primary contributors to the patient's current symptoms and how they are verbally and physically presenting in the clinic.

What techniques do physical therapists use to evaluate and treat concussions?

Learn more about Physical Therapy and Sports related concussions.

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