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Louisiana Organization LOPA Gives Lafayette Man a Second Chance at Life

January 31, 2020

Mike Sheffield MTS

Mike Sheffield was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition, and was given two choices by his physician, "go home and die" or "check into the hospital today."  Mike decided to fight for his life and checked into the cardiac care unit at Houston Methodist Hospital. 

He remained there for nearly 6 weeks, dependent on machines to keep him alive, before receiving life changing news from LOPA (Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency).

On September 24, 2016  he was notified that they had found him a new heart.  

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about His Donor

Once Mike recovered, he wanted to meet and thank the family members of his donor's heart. He learned that the his new heart had come from Colleen Clark. She was a single mother with a 7 year old daughter, who had tragically died in a car accident.  His takeaway from meeting with her family was that they were happy that her heart had allowed him to get back to a better life. 

Mike is eternally grateful to Colleen, and states that he now understands the importance of making new memories with his family. He continues give back and invest into his community at MTS Physical Therapy and Wellness.

He has over 40 years of clinical experience in a variety of settings including hospital acute care, outpatient, sports medicine, home health and skilled nursing care. Mike specializes in Orthopedics, Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation, joint replacement and soft tissue disorders.

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Thanks to gracious donors like the Clark family, lives are being saved. Becoming a donor is simple.

If you are interested, you can register on LOPA.org.

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