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Meet One of MTS Physical Therapy's Founders: Mike Sheffield

January 6, 2020

Who is Mike Sheffield? | MTS Physical Therapy Lafayette LA

At MTS, we stand behind offering way more for our patients aside from the therapy they need. That drive comes from seeds that our founders planted in the organization years ago. Below, we hear from one of our passionate founders, Mike Sheffield, about why he is so passionate about MTS and our mission!


Who is Mike Sheffield?

  • Mike graduated from LSU School of Allied Health Sciences- New Orleans in 1978, but has been a resident of Lafayette, Louisiana most of his life.

  • He has over 40 years of clinical experience in a variety of settings including hospital acute care, outpatient, sports medicine, home health and skilled nursing care.

  • Mike specializes in Orthopedics, Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation, joint replacement and soft tissue disorders.

  • Mike received the Dave Warner Award for distinguished service to the Louisiana Physical Therapy Association and was elected to the LPTA Hall of Fame in 2017.

Why did he start a career in Physical Therapy?

"I was interested in field where I could work with people. I have always been a people person.

I tried to look for a career where I could help people of all ages and help them with their recovery.

We are able to help people through some very difficult times, some very trying times in their lives."

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How did MTS get started?

"I opened my first private practice in 1980. I joined Mcleod Trahan PT in 1993. It was an established practice since 1983.

I remember the scariest part about venturing out on our own was having to go speak with the doctors and get them to refer their patients to us.

Overtime, we have formed a great partnership and we have become very successful, and have become one of the largest private physical therapy practices in this Lafayette area."

Who has helped the most throughout your career?

"My biggest supporter in work and in life has been my wife Lynette.

During my early years in physical therapy, I worked long hours and weekends, and things like that trying to establish my practice. She was always supportive and understanding that I couldn't always be there for her and the kids.

Then when I had a heart transplant in 2016, my wife was always there to help me, support me, and pray with me. If it wasn't for her, I would not have been back where I am today in the short period of time that I was."

Louisiana Organization LOPA Gives Lafayette Mike Sheffield a Second Chance at Life | MTS Physical Therapy

Would you recommend Physical Therapy for other young students out there?

"If you are interested in a rewarding career that helps others recover from their injuries and disabilities and making memories from doing that, then this is a career for you.

If I was to do a career over again, I would do this all over again because it has meant so much to me and has brought so much to my life."


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