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MTS Virtual - Our New Innovative Solution

March 26, 2020

MTS has taken numerous steps to best protect our communities, our clients, and our MTS team and company. With the recent Stay At Home Orders issued by Louisiana's Governor, the nationwide effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 is clearly ramping up.

continue your wellness journey with us

Social distancing, working remotely, and stocking our shelves with non-perishables (because you can never be too sure) - we’re all impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

But how can you continue to stay active and address your physical therapy needs remotely

MTS Online Payments | MTS Physical Therapy

MTS is excited to bring an innovative solution

Our amazing team of MTS Therapist and Wellness Professionals can now work with you in the safety and comfort of your home.

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MTS Virtual Therapy

We can assure your continued progress and path towards your best self through utilizing MTS Virtual Therapy or through our Virtual visit app on your iPhone.

MTS Virtual Wellness

You can continue your wellness journey with us by using our MTS Virtual Wellness app for access to many of classes in the comfort of your home. 

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LEarn more about our virtual Offerings

MTS Virtual is off to a great start!  MTS is keeping people active through the Quarantine! 

Stay Active right from your home with some familiar faces.  If you have not tried MTS virtual yet, get started today!

MTS Virtual | MTS Physical Therapy and Wellness

reach out to us

To better understand how we can walk with you during these times please visit our website at www.mtspts.com.

Feel free to also call any of local clinics at the number listed below.

MTS Dulles:    337-981-9182

MTS Townhouse:    337-571-1200

MTS Breaux Bridge:    337-332-6120

MTS Youngsville:    337-856-1717



Contact us today with any questions regarding our virtual services and offerings!

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Your goals are well within reach. We are here to help.

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MTS Physical Therapy & Wellness
MTS offers full physical therapy services, along with all inclusive wellness and gym memberships serving the Acadiana Area. Our approach is a concept that embraces all aspects of a person’s needs. We help you better understand the importance of body, mind and soul to your overall well-being.

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