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The MTS Well Within Reach Podcast: Featuring Steve Habetz

June 2, 2020

The MTS Well Within Reach Podcast: Featuring Steve Habetz

On this episode of the MTS "Well Within Reach" Podcast, JD Boudreaux speaks with Steve Habetz.

Listen into this episode to learn more about Steve’s past experiences as well as his path to leadership.

Meet Steve Habetz

Steve is a graduate of Columbia University school of Physical Therapy in New York City in 1998.

After graduation, he began his therapy career working with pediatric patients at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX.

Wanting to gain a better understanding of the full scope of healthcare, Steve returned to school and completed a Master’s of Healthcare Administration in 2006. Ultimately, the desire to be near family and friends lured him back home to Lafayette in 2008.

Steve has a vast experience working with patients from all age ranges and in all care settings. He has also held various leadership positions in acute care hospitals. He is currently serving as the Clinical Director of Abrom-Kaplan Memorial Hospital-based therapy for MTS.

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