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MTS and UL Football Coach Billy Napier Share Same Values

October 1, 2020

Even with a Top 25 Ranking and a 3-0 winning streak, the Ragin' Cajuns values don't change.

Coach Billy Napier shares in the video below how, we at MTS Physical Therapy & Wellness and the UL Ragin' Cajuns share the same values that create a winning combination.


A reciprocated approach & perspective.

I think there's lots of commonalities between MTS and UL Football.

I think we start with a certain level of integrity.

It's an approach.

It's a perspective that I think we agree upon.

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What does Coach Napier look for when hiring staff?

One of the most difficult things that I've done as a head coach is hire and staff and when you do that I think you're looking for people that have a certain level of character and integrity and I certainly have noticed that from Brian and his staff in my short time working with them.

So, I think we start with that here whether that's people that work for us or at the player level.

I think Brian and his employees and the people that work throughout his company reflect the same value.

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